Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Over

Nine (9) long hours later, pack-out ended. It was mostly painless for me, but I definitely had a few "oh my goodness what am I going to with all this stuff?" moments as the boxes mounted. In my defense, half of every box is packing material. The two women who packed me up were wonderful, but the overall organization of the company left something to be desired. (They sent two teams of packers and one team of movers and one truck for two moves in two different buildings. I was essentially move #2, so everything took waaaay longer than it should have.) It's over now and out of my hands. After a wonderful dinner out with a new friend/neighbor/colleague I'll be sorry to leave behind, it was back to the drudgery. Laundry. Packing boxes to ship via the mail (clothes and dog supplies I can't wait for). Reassessing the mountain of things I kept behind for 2.5 suitcases. Reassessing some more. Cleaning out the car one final time. Reassuring Hattie that the world is not ending. She may not believe me for the next two weeks as her world really does turn upside down, but all will end well, insha'allah. Anyway, bedtime. Tomorrow is another (very long, very busy) day. And then I get to go home!! A whole week off with nothing (much) to do but relax and soak up America for the last time in a while. The hardest part is over.

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