Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oops, My Bad.

My cats have been driving me crazy tonight.  Jumping on counters, jumping on the table, jumping on the stove (when it was on), jumping on the refrigerator, jumping on me and the computer.  Whining.  Crying.  Knocking over their full water bowls.  Getting into cabinets.  Biting me.  Shredding all paper in sight.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

It didn't help that now two of my three A/C units in the kitchen/living room are not working and it's hotter than blazes in there (I really should call someone; the first one being broken didn't bother me so much...).  So I was grumpy.  And spent most of the evening yelling at them, throwing them off of me, squirting them with water (my training tool, not a medieval punishment, I promise), and just generally being disagreeable. I chalked their behavior up to punishing me for leaving for so long.  Or perhaps for leaving to go to work today.  They're cats, who knows.

Then I went to make sure their room was all set for the night.  And realized they were out of food.  Now, they had food when I left this morning, so they weren't starving.  But it still made me feel bad.  I filled their bowls, and they immediately settled down and starting gobbling up their Meow Mix.  They're quiet now.  I feel like a bad pet owner. 

Ask me if I still feel this way at 4am when they sense impending daylight (in several hours) and start meowing outside my door for their morning wet food allowance. 


Erin said...

Love it, Sadie! I think your kitties & the Gilman need to start a meow & bitch club. Your post sounds like too many of my cat's days since the arrival of Anna!

Connie said...

Cats are moody and let you know it ;D They also get bored. I keep a basket of toys for them and try to switch around what they have out to play with... so they don't go looking for their own toys (more than they already do).