Saturday, December 25, 2010

State Department Blog RoundUp: Call for Submissions

I suppose it's time to stop procrastinating and actually write the announcement for next week's State Department Blog RoundUp, since Small Bits and A Daring Adventure are both (rightfully) linking here :-).

So here goes!  I am hosting the final State Department Blog RoundUp of 2010, which, predictably, calls for reflections on this year and looking ahead to 2011.  Here are some ideas for posts, though feel free to create your own!
  • Reflections on 2010
  • Looking ahead to 2011
  • I wish I'd known on 12/31/2009 that...
  • The most embarrassing moment of 2010
  • 2010:  The year of the...
  • Resolutions
  • Predictions
In keeping with the new RoundUp format, please link to your blog (or others you want included) in the comments section.  Alternatively, you can email me.

Happy blogging!

(And Merry Christmas!)


Sadie said...

About 40 hours left to submit your post for this week's roundup!

Kate said...

Here's my submission, thanks for volunteering to do this! Kate

Sadie said...

Thanks Kate! I read your post just before you commented - a great idea, and very funny!

Valdysses said...

Looking forward to reading this week's roundup! I have an essentially completely unrelated entry, but I've been gone awhile, and may as well poke my head back in. I'm at


Lauren said...


Thanks for hosting this week. Here is my submission for the roundup (

Can't wait to see the roundup!

Happy New Year.