Thursday, January 27, 2011

Change of Plans

So Madain Saleh didn't happen this weekend. Instead, record and destructive rainfall happened. The 111mm in 3 hours surpassed the 90mm in 4 hours tally of 11/25/09, the date of the deadly Jeddah floods. And it didn't just rain for 3 hours. It rained for 9. After raining for 3+ the day before. needless to say the city is flooded and in a state of emergency.

Jeddah is in bad shape. we ended up spending the night at the Consulate - there was no choice. I'm home safe now, as are most if not all of my colleagues, thank goodness. but things are bad. I'm worried about the thousands of people who are in the lowest-lying and hardest-hit areas.

I will blog about it later, but I need some sleep and relaxation first. for the time being, see photos/videos here: Or


Nomads By Nature said...

It's amazing how rain is both life sustaining and yet, too much can destroy livelihoods and lives. Thanks for updating with what is affecting your neck of the world. Will keep the people of Jeddah in prayer.

Becky said...

Ditto to Nomads' comment. Glad you are okay but what a mess. Will also keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Sadie said...

thanks to both of you. Nomads, I just saw your own post on floods! It's true, so much of the world seems underwater right now.