Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impulse Travel

I've been trying to plan where to go for President's Day weekend for several weeks now. And having procrastinated dearly, my cheap flight options were dwindling. I did dozens of searches to find a relatively inexpensive flight to somewhere new, but even places relatively close by were more expensive than I would have liked. Finally, I happened upon a cheap flight to a new place; even better, the flight times were relatively ideal.

So. I'm going to Sri Lanka!

I don't know anyone living there and have only done a little bit of research into what to do, where to go, and where to stay. I have three full days and three nights there. So I'm opening it up to the wonderful FS  (and beyond) community for any suggestions you might have. Have any of you been to Sri Lanka? What should I definitely do or definitely not do?



Nomads By Nature said...

SOOOO many things to do! I lived there for 2 years with Peace Corps. I was posted up in Anuradhapura, the old capital. It is drier there and open. Lots of ruins to see if that is your thing. Kandy is a cool town in the cooler mountains. Nuwera Eliya (can't think of how to spell that right now) is the tea country! There are the beaches --highly recommend Unawatuna. It's near Hikkaduwa, but not as touristy. And there is Ratnapura (city of gems). It just depends on what you want to have for your holiday. If you go the Southern Route you could include Yala National Park. There is so much to see wherever you go. You will have a blast! Try the string hoppers, dahl curry (parripu), and pol sambol at some meal -- Yummy food! I'm jealous!!!!!!!!

Nomads By Nature said...

Oops, forgot climbing Adam's Peak! And climbing Sigiriya!

Bethany and Will said...

Hi! Katy from Adventures in Serendipity is currently posted in Sri Lanka. Maybe you can catch up with her when you're there.