Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is it time for R&R yet??

It has been a fairly uninspiring couple weeks around here, with almost all my efforts focused on work (and therefore not blogworthy). We had a big visit last weekend, for which I got to be control for one of the principals, which was great experience. But exhausting. Before the visit I came down with one virus, and I'm fighting off its counterpart right now. The great thing about the Health Unit, though, is that I was able to get my antivirals almost instantly, and without needing a prescription. I made it through the weekend and a couple of work days before succumbing yesterday and staying home. And I didn't feel guilty about it! (Goes to show how sick I was feeling...) Today's better, but I'm feeling immunosuppressed enough not to go to Madain Saleh this weekend. This is the third time I've missed this trip. Once it was too last minute and too expensive, once Jeddah was flooded, and this time I'm too under the weather. There's another trip planned next month, so I'm gunning for that one.

I came home a few minutes ago to find the A/C in my bedroom not working. I'm waiting for maintenance now. I will also have them fix the other two broken units that aren't quite as crucial. I keep my bedroom quite chilly, and right now it's stifling, so I hope they fix it with enough time for it to cool off before bedtime. (An hour and two phone calls later, and they're still not here. Argh.)

In other news, I am hovering near the trough of this particular wave of culture shock. I know when I start daydreaming about mundane aspects of life in the U.S. that I'm feeling a bit homesick. The list of things I want to do/eat when I go home is slowly forming. I am going on R&R in June, but right now that feels like a long time from now. Time will pass quickly - there's a lot going on between now and then - but it still sounds like a lot of days. Two cousins are getting married in June, and I'm very grateful to be able to attend both weddings. If only the third could have found a free weekend in June! I won't make it for her August nuptials, sadly. I'm closely watching Lyle Lovett's tour schedule to see if he's got any concerts while I'm home.

Interesting - I just looked at my profile stats and see that I had three visitors from a country I wouldn't have expected. Welcome, new readers!

Life in Saudi continues on as normal, though there's lots of speculation and rumors about what may or may not happen in the coming days. We're also watching our neighbor countries very closely. I'm quite sad and dismayed about the amount of bloodshed in Libya these days and am thankful my colleagues and friends and their families are safely evacuated. It's a fascinating time to be living in this region, that's for sure.

Anyway, that's my random collection of ramblings for the evening. The A/C repairman just arrived and is cleaning the filters now. Hopefully I'll have temperature control back shortly!

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