Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretending to be a grown-up

Wow, I guess it has been a while since I've posted. Not for lack of interest, just lack of time and interesting stories. Well, not for lack of stories. I have several posts in the works that I just haven't finished. So really just lack of time and patience.

I've been busy with work lately, and my to-do list has been piling up. You know that point when it gets overwhelming to even get started because there are so many tasks? That's where I've been.

Today, though, I've been immensely productive. Last weekend I cleaned up the main room a bit by moving a piece of furniture into my bedroom. That allowed me to move my dining table (piled high with junk and not yet used) into the corner and free up some room. Today I took down my Christmas tree (I know, I know; but it was because I didn't have anywhere to put it, not because I was hanging on to the holidays. I promise.) and started putting ornaments away in their totes. That freed up another corner, so I moved my craft/printer table there. Now I can set up my printer and store all my scrapbooking/miscellaneous craft junk there instead of on the floor behind the couch.

I finally got maintenance to bracket my linen cabinet to the wall, making that usable. That has freed up space in my master closet. Today the carpenter installed my photo shelves, enabling me to put away the many frames I have that can't be hung. I also got a number of new frames/artwork up on the walls as well as a number of new prints framed. So my walls are starting to look like home, and I'm starting to make my way through the massive piles of stuff that continue to plague me eight months after moving in. (But, to be fair, only 3.5 months after receiving most of said stuff.) I will eventually be able to find the spare bed and remove the linens, making my welcome kit fully ready for pick up. That will free up another utility closet.

Now if I could get the clothes that need to be hemmed/adjusted to the tailor and the dry cleaning to the shop, I would be well on my way to productive! And there are a few buttons that need to be sewed on, now that I think of it. Baby steps. I did find my sewing box at least!

I'm making a big push to get rid of all my credit card debt (thank you grad school and addiction to travel!) and make a significant impact on my student loan principal before I turn 30, which gives me about 15 months. I have made pretty good inroads in 2011 already, thanks to many things, including my tax refund and some overtime payments. Plus with SLRP, my student loans are getting some good attention. It's not helping my income to debt ratio, which determines my monthly payments, which is another reason to pay off the credit cards as quickly as possible. And, yes, Mom, I know I need to take over that other loan from you this summer. I've factored that in. But it feels very good to be able to solidify my finances; after all, that's what hardship posts are all about, right?!

It's time to write a post for this week's round up, so I'll sign off for now. And enjoy my slightly de-cluttered living room and more cluttered (but more homey) walls.

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