Monday, May 9, 2011

How Long Has It Been?

Fellow graduates of my alma mater should now break out singing the fight song...

It's been way too long since I wrote a blog post. I started writing one a few times, but fell asleep or got distracted before I made any headway. I'm going on day 11 of 12 straight days of work with mucho visitors to control, plus I started a new project in my free time that's time-consuming (but oh so worth it), so I'm busier than usual. If any of you have been reading the news lately, you'll also know that there are some current events keeping us hopping (a topic for another post). What a week!

Twenty-three days until R&R. If they manage to buy my ticket in time. Still one approval away, even though it's been in the system more than two months.

My office is short-staffed these days, and we're busier than ever, which means longer days and nights and weeks and less primping of hair and eating chocolate around the water cooler. (Actually, since today we ladies in the office spent a few minutes primping our hair at the beginning of the day with an exciting new product, MORE hair primping. But it was the first time we've ever actually done that, so I think we're entitled. And when a colleague commented on my hair in a meeting later, one of my office mates and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Giddiness, or perhaps lack-of-sleep-induced insanity. Either way.) Anyway, we're busy. And tired. And giddy. I do have to admit that we almost always have chocolate near the water cooler, but it's the go-to office gift whenever someone travels, and someone is always traveling.

In honor of Mother's Day, I should write a post about the amazing women in my life. And I will. Just not tonight. Sorry Mom, Grandma, and assorted aunts and cousins. I did manage to get it together in time to send my mom flowers at work last Friday; her present will fly home with me next month. (And I promise I haven't cheaped out and won't declare myself said present.)

So there you have it - the most boring and rambling excuse post ever. I hope to have a full weekend off starting Thursday, and many tasks on my to-do list, so hopefully a more detailed blog post is among them.

One other thing - have you registered to take the Foreign Service Officer Test next month?? If not, hop on over to and get to it! We're offering it at many overseas posts, including mine, so now's the time. It's free, it's computer-based, it's three hours of your life - what do you have to lose??

And with that, and another egregious fight song reference (lie down forever, lie down), it's time for bed!


Dakota said...

Iiiiiiiiiiit's been so long since last we met! It's not every post that can both open AND close with a fight song reference -- good work on that.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your blog overall is captivating -- keep up the good work.

Take care,
(A fellow foreign service blogger, currently in western Afghanistan --

Sadie said...

Thanks - and well done with the fight song prompt! I've enjoyed your blog since stumbling upon it a few weeks back. You bring a great human perspective to an incredibly difficult operating atmosphere. Keep up the great work!