Sunday, July 17, 2011

State Department Blog Round Up: Call for Submissions

All right FS bloggers!  It's time for another State Department Blogs Round Up, for Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This week's optional talking point is FS collections.  (Inspired by my realization that I collect way too many things that have to be packed up and moved and unpacked every few years...)  What do you collect (intentionally or not), what do you wish you collected, and/or what do you wish you didn't collect?  Magnets, ornaments, figurines, artwork, pottery, doo dads, knick knacks, unmatched socks, measuring cups, DVDs, books, stuffed animals, actual animals, or really anything else you could think of!

You may, of course, submit posts on other subjects as well.

In keeping with the new RoundUp format, please link to your blog (or others you want included) in the comments section.  Alternatively, you can email me.

Happy blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sadie - thanks for hosting this week's Round Up!

Hope it's still time for contributions... Crazy times these days, school's off and bidding season, as everyone may relate to... Anyway, here is my contribution for this week's round up: