Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wouldn't You Know...

Well, clearly I failed.  I only wrote two of the 5-6 travel posts I meant to while on R&R.  But at least I got started.  More to come. 

A few days ago I was sitting in the living room at home watching football with my parents.  I knocked on the stairs behind me (wood) and made the casual remark, "you know, I haven't been sick in a really long time."  My mother looked at me horrified.  But I knocked on wood!

And wouldn't you know, here I am, with a full-blown cold, about to fly back to Jeddah.  UGH. What started as a sore throat has blossomed into ickiness.  I'm well armed with a supply of zinc, ibuprofen, Nyquil, Dayquil, tissues, throat drops, and water.  And while I don't often take cold pills (I've never actually taken one of the -quils before), two long plane rides seem the best place to start. 

I really only have myself to blame for this, after all...

Anyway, I'm on my way back to Saudi, energized for some projects at work and settling back into a routine.  Saying goodbye totally and completely sucked of course, but, for the first time in a long time, we actually know the next time we'll see each other.  And having that date makes it a little bit easier.

I had a great last day in the U.S., spending the morning presenting travel photos to a group of fifth graders at the school where I used to work.  They particularly loved the leopard photos from Yala.  Me too!  I spent the afternoon at my favorite day spa, my dad cooked beef stroganoff for dinner (yum!), and we all watched hours of MSNBC. 

And then I got sick. 

The good news is that my first flight appears on time, even with the horrific winds here in Boston.  I wouldn't mind a delay - I'd rather kill time in Logan with free wi-fi than in Frankfurt, where they trick you into going to a boring terminal to wait without shopping distractions.  Probably all the better; my bags are filled to the gills.  I didn't have to fight to get the bags checked free, for once, even without a hard copy of my orders (loooong story).  We had a harder time converting the expiration date of my residency card for KSA from Hijri to Gregorian calendar.  23.0kg and 23.8kg - way to go me!  I think that .8kg on the second bag was the luggage scale I threw in after packing everything...

The airport is eerily quiet today; I wonder if my flight will have some empty seats.  Oh, to sprawl!

All right.  Time to do the last-minute necessities before boarding.  Here's to a painless journey!

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