Monday, April 9, 2012

One More Check

So I'm super excited to check one more item off my Saudi bucket list this week!  I've hit several items already - seeing Madain Saleh, visiting Mecca (the non-Haram zone only, of course), traveling to different provinces, seeing Riyadh, diving in the Red Sea.  But the #1 item on my bucket list will come later this week.  It almost didn't happen, but the stars are aligning, and, insha'allah, I'll get to check that box.

I will post after I get back, but here's a hint:  it involves two of my favorite things - animals and the Red Sea.  (Sadly, it's not swimming with whale sharks.  But still exciting!)

Photos and stories to follow! 

1 comment:

Sara said...

Want to hear a funny language tid-bit. To say I hope in Spanish you say ojala (pronounced oh-ha-la). It sounds very Arabic to me, and I still have a hard time saying it.