Thursday, October 11, 2012

So. Far. Behind.

Just a quick post to say I have not fallen off the face of the earth; I've just been consumed by consumerism and training and post prepping.  Seriously - home leave and training and pre-post U.S. time is just a money suck.  Part of it is my own fault for having a slight addiction to Coach Factory Outlets, but most of it is for consumables - particularly liquid consumables, which will be more difficult to replenish via pouch.

I do love, though, that when you go to Trader Joe's in NoVA and ask them to package up 30 jars of pasta sauce and 25 bags of ravioli they ask you, "oh, are you throwing a party or moving overseas?" instead of looking at you like you're absolutely insane.  The cashier, when confronted with my ridiculous cart of copious amounts of dried exotic mushrooms and 150 dried fruit bars, had the exact same "party or moving?" reaction and again did not consider this a freakish occurrence.  Have I mentioned how much I love Trader Joe's.

One more stop - the grocery store - for the particular chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup that the bulk foods stores didn't have and then I'm done.  I hope.  I really, really, really hope. 

Anyway, lots of stories and photos and observations to share, but for now it's time to sort these consumables.

Also, I am loving meeting so many FS bloggers!  So far I have gotten to meet the masterminds behind such blogs as The Dinoia Family, Travel Orders, dp's Blog, Tuk and Tam, My Intermittent America (formerly of Life in the Land of the Long White Cloud), and 365 Bad Days.  So much fun!

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alex said...

I also heart Trader Joe's. Here's why. We did a consumables shipment while on med-evac. I spent hours in TJ's picking everything out. Spent tons of time waiting for it to be run up. Then, I get up to pay, and despite the fact that I'd been back in the U.S. for weeks already, not ONE of my credit cards worked. They'd all been suspended that day for suspicious activity. Okay, yes, I get how not using them for months and then over the course of a few weeks suddenly spending a ton might seem suspicious, but NOW, right NOW, really? Luckily TJ's packaged it up and stored it in the back for me to come pick up later after I got the credit card situation sorted out. They're awesome.

But man I wish I'd had the foresight to buy 30 jars of spaghetti sauce like you. Good thinking. I didn't buy nearly enough of anything. I'm rationing my gnocchi's and simmer sauces and still have a year left at post...