Sunday, December 15, 2013

Zanzibar - Days 4-5

We had lofty plans for our two full days at the beach resort - diving, snorkeling with dolphins, walking out to the reef, etc.  In reality, we spent two days doing what is a luxurious thing to do at the beach - nothing.  The diving was super expensive, the dolphin trip left too early in the morning, we made it halfway out to the reef before the sun was too intense, excuses, excuses.

But, really, it was lovely.  Leisurely breakfast, quick dip in the pool, read for a while, spend high tide in the ocean, read, lunch brought right to the loungers, wading in the ocean, dip in the pool, reading, nap, massage, sunset on the terrace, then a lovely dinner.  Rinse, repeat. 

The ocean was the perfect temperature during high tide - not bath water, but not cold - and a bit too hot at low tide.  High tide meant the water would come to your waist; low tide was ankles to knees.  Both, for almost as far as you could walk.

The weather was hot and humid but the resort truly lived up to its name - Breezes - and we enjoyed cool ocean breezes almost everywhere, making it tolerable to sit outside. 

In true relaxation fashion I didn't take any photos until the last morning when it was hazy and overcast and my camera fogged up from the humidity and didn't ever recover in time.  So here are a few photos, but the outside ones don't do justice to the beauty of the setting.

My room

The French doors have a beautiful view out to the ocean

Spice table - cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom

Hazy view from my terrace

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