Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Heartfelt Thank You

I cannot even begin to express in words the comfort I have gotten from the dozens and dozens of supportive and sympathetic messages I’ve received from friends old and new across the globe over the last few days. This has been a very difficult few days, and the fact that it has been my first few days at my first post has compounded that. I am still actively grieving the loss of my beloved Hattie; even just saying or writing her name brings tears to my eyes, let along looking at pictures or actively remembering. And yet with every email, Facebook message or comment, phone call, and message from the blogosphere, I heal just a little bit quicker. Well-wishes and condolences from family and friends have warmed my heart and will continue to do so in the days and weeks to come. What has particularly amazed and inspired me has been the reaction of the Consulate community. I am new to overseas life in the FS, and I’ve always heard the community likened to a family, but this week I’ve experienced that firsthand. Everyone has been so kind and gone out of their way both to make me feel welcome and to express condolences. It’s an unusual way to get to know people at post, but I feel that much more at home for it. Several members of the community took time out of their weekend to help me bury Hattie, which made a very difficult thing that much easier. I look forward to being able to repay their kindness and cement friendships with my own contributions to the community. (My usual go-to of baked goods will have to wait until the end of Ramadan, though.) The pain is still fresh, though each day really does get a little easier. You all are a big part of that. To each and every one of you, a heartfelt thank you.


Jim Hagengruber said...

Hey Sadie,

We've been thinking about you all weekend and grieving your loss also. I still can't believe it. Even though we now have a baby, Ollie remains our first "child." I can't imagine how tough this must be for you. Take a deep breathe and know your friends are pulling for you.


Erin said...


Ditto what Jim wrote, except Jim was MY first "child." ; )
In all seriousness, it is good to know your coworkers and new friends in Jeddah are reaching out to you & helping to keep you strong. I hope each day will continue to get easier for you. We're keeping you in our thoughts...

Love & hugs to you,

Sadie said...

Thanks Jim and Erin! The support has been overwhelming, and each day really does get a little bit easier.