Friday, November 19, 2010

Ebates: A Testimonial

And now, a break from your regularly-scheduled, commercial-free programming.  

I usually don't advertise on this blog, but with the holiday season I want to make sure everyone knows about Ebates.  Basically, you go to the Ebates homepage, choose your online retailer, and click the link to the retailer's site.  Then, you get a percentage cash back on whatever you purchase at said site, automatically.  The percentages  usually range from 2-10% with special deals all the time.  Plus Ebates collects and displays all the free shipping and discount coupons for online retailers, so I find I do much less research before purchasing.  The only major online retailer I use frequently that isn't an Ebates participant is Amazon.  But just about everything else is represented.  (If you put items in a shopping cart but then close your browser prior to purchasing, you don't get the points.  So click through the Ebates site every time you intend to purchase.)  I have been using this for less than six months and already have gotten about $110 cash back, just on normal purchases.  Right into Paypal, or via check!  At first I thought it would be a pain to click through Ebates every time, but it's an easy site, and it's worth the extra two clicks. 

So, here's my advertisement.  If you are a new customer and sign up using THIS LINK, you and I both get $5 bonuses on your first purchase.  That simple.  So, particularly for those of you overseas, it's well worth signing up.  Then you can start referring people for more bonuses.  Plus, you don't have to get any annoying emails from them if you don't want.  Though I allow about one a week to see if anyone is doing double cash back or anything fun.

(I am not receiving anything from this personal endorsement, aside from the $5 referral bonus everyone gets.  I just truly think it's a worthwhile site.)

So, click here!


Sara said...

I (finally) put up the Roundup - and you're on it! Check it out here:

Jen said...

I've been using Ebates since we were in Iceland. It is so awesome! In fact, just got a check for them yesterday!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is genius!