Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4th Foreign Service Swap

Ack, I meant to do this last week, but the internet company kept shutting off my connection, and I got frustrated.  They assure me this has been fixed.  Which they also assured me of the first 15 times, but oh well.

The awesome Amy, a fellow FS-blogger and Basketville-aholic, is hosting the 4th annual FS Swap.  I have only participated once before - before realizing that it was difficult to compile a KSA care package - but it was a lot of fun!  And now that I'm in a country with awesome and available/affordable/abundant handicrafts and am excited to play again!  And you should too!

So meander on over to Amy's blog and leave a comment by January 19th.  And if you happen to be in Moscow, Amy also has a labrador puppy that might interest you.  She's a cutie!

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