Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lake Victoria Cruise

Last month I joined a group of colleagues for a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria.  Aside from distant glimpses of the lake from my apartment complex and the occasional drive to/from the airport in Entebbe, I hadn't really spent time on/near the lake.  The cruise was fairly sedate - far from a booze cruise, which suited me just fine - and we had a lovely time spotting birds and admiring the lush greenery along the shoreline. 

This country is truly blessed in its weather and ecology and environment - I am thankful every day to serve in such a gorgeous and weather-pleasant country.

I have plans to go on a different sort of lake cruise in a couple of weeks so will hopefully have more pictures from a different area.
Speke Munyonyo Resort - our launch, and site of dozens of weddings on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

To me, acacias are a quintessential sign of being in Africa. I love them. And if I am mistaken and this is not actually an acacia, just let me revel in my misconception :-).

A number of people in canoes were on the water - some fishing, some commuting.

We saw tons of birds, including this pretty flock.

Gorgeous egret hanging out in his little island of plants

Sunset over Lake Victoria

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