Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seasonable Highs Deserve Seasonable Sighs

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer... in Saudi Arabia.


I am well aware that it will get much, much hotter. I have not forgotten what August in Jeddah feels like. By any stretch of the imagination. But, I was really enjoying winter in Jeddah. And now it seems it's slipped away, to be replaced by many, many months of scorching heat and soaring humidity. With only the occasional sea breeze to make it tolerable.

Every time I exit a building, I am met with a wall of heat. Suffocating, oppressive heat. I am in love with air conditioning. (And so, so not in love with the air conditioner in my bedroom breaking in the middle of the night. Two nights in a row.)

If I have to hear either of the following phrases one more time, I may just crack.
"This is nothing! Just wait till summer!"
"Oh, stop complaining. It's only 105F with 85% humidity."

It makes me long for Miami in June. Which I will experience. In June. (I do, however, reserve the right to complain about the rain, hurricane, or oppressive heat that I may well find in Miami in June.)

My bidding strategy is starting to include such phrases as "no desert" and "high altitude preferred". Suggestions for temperate tropical destinations with plenty of Consular jobs, affordable help, and high differential welcomed. (Though they're likely already on my short list!)

In other news, this week's entertainment quotient went up exponentially thanks to a joke (I hope?!) making its way through the Department these days. If the words/phrases "unicorn," "fauna-centric," and "kittens waving American flags" mean nothing to you, ask someone in your office/post. I can guarantee someone will have caught on. Great morale-booster right there.

And with that, it's time for bed. Because even though this week was better than last, I still desperately need this weekend.


(easter egg)