Saturday, September 21, 2013

In the Interim

Just a quick note to check in and say things are going well here.  Summer transition season is firmly behind us, and work is back to normal.  This summer was tough for me and my section, but it's all a memory now.  I try to look at is as great experience (and EER bullets!) even though in the moment it was just plain hard.

It looks like I'm finished bidding early, having accepted a handshake last week.  More on that and the bidding story once I'm paneled.  I am sleeping so much better knowing I have a great onward assignment and don't have to bid for two more months!

I have several trips lined up for the fall - safaris, beach, city, and home.  Four different countries on the agenda; I cannot wait!

Now that things are calming down I'm working on getting caught up on blogging.  Hopefully I'll get Kidepo finished this week. 

Lastly, I can't write a blog post today without acknowledging the horrible attacks in the Navy Yard this week and in Nairobi today.  I am so sad for the victims and their friends and families.  May this senseless violence end.