Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Darn Checklist

I am soooo lazy about blog posts these days. I have two more days of Dubai sightseeing and now a weekend in Muscat to write about.  Which I will.  Soon.  I find, though, that my PCS checklist gets longer and more convoluted each day, no matter how much (or little) I do.  That doesn't even include the actual PCS checklist I'll soon have to fill out.

So in an effort to provide myself some positive reinforcement, here's a few things I've actually accomplished!

-The cats went in for their penultimate vet visit.  They each received their annual vaccinations, were microchipped, and were pronounced in great health.  They did very well in their new soft carriers and at the vet, but they both slept the whole day afterward and completely ignored me.  I can handle that, though.

-I did my final IKEA run today and was in and out in 20 minutes - a record!  I really only went in to stock up on napkins (I really like their paper napkins for some reason) but came out with a few additional photo frames and some organizational odds and ends.

-After several months of hemming and hawing, I bought a television.  I had a post-provided TV here that was perfectly adequate, but I wanted something decent after this.  I bought a 43" Samsung plasma multisystem for a pretty decent price, so I'm happy.

-I bought a couple of nice pieces of wooden furniture from a local store and two beautiful rugs in Muscat, so my home decor kit is pretty well stocked.

-Pack out survey was completed with minimal fuss; they think I'll be well under my allowable weight, which is great news.  Though I still need to purge quite a bit in the next few weeks...

-I am mentally prepping my UAB shipment and starting to put things in HHE and storage piles.  Not nearly quickly enough, but it's a start.

-I am halfway through repackaging clothes to return; tomorrow I'll finish this chore.  Right now they are just stacked in their plastic; I need to do the paperwork and find boxes.

Tomorrow's other goal is to move some of the totes I've already packed into now empty spaces, clearing the way for me to get to other things that were never even unpacked after moving two years ago in the first place.  I also hope to find the bag of batiks I want to get framed so I can take those in next week.

There's still a ton of purging and organizing to be done, but I felt the need for some positive reinforcement in the form of writing it all down, so there you go!