Saturday, February 8, 2020

Five Things

Let's see if posting just five(ish) thoughts or observations a week helps me get back into blogging...

  1. I am enjoying having a two year old so much more than I ever imagined. I mean, it could easily change any day, but right now is awesome. The humor, the wonder, the laughter, the semi-independent play, the vocabulary, the sweetness, the cuddles, the enthusiasm. It makes things so much fun around here!
  2. J's preschool did an awesome activity this week. They dressed up as firefighters and used a hose to put out a fire (made of construction paper on a wall) to save a baby. He loved it, and I love the creativity.
  3. We're all transportation all the time here: cars, trains, buses, construction vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Any will capture interest. I told J we had a vacation coming up where we'd ride lots of trains and he said 'hooray!' We build A LOT of lego vehicles.
  4. January was tough. We were both sick on and off the whole month. I didn't work a full week (or even a half week) at all. I'm paying for it now at work, but I'm also thankful I had the leave to take off when I really needed it for myself or for him. And, no, it was not coronavirus. Just every other virus that a season change and lots of collective germs can spread.
  5. I am cherishing this likely fleeting time sleep-wise. Most nights J is happy to go to sleep with our carefully curated routine; we started the routine at three months old, and, while it has evolved a bit as he grows, it has remained predictable. Every couple of weeks I get a full night of sleep; the rest of the time he is up once or twice. When we were both sick he was up 5-6 times some nights and it brought me right back to the misery of sleep deprivation of his first year. I am so glad to be here. He also usually sleeps in on weekends - rarely waking earlier than 7:30 and sometimes until 9:00. I am thankful for as long as it lasts.
  6. We started talking about full names this week, and J is adorable trying to say our last name. Another few days of practice and he'll have it down.