Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ah, U.S. sweet U.S.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being home, even if it means putting up with cold and a bit of wintry weather.  In my first 24 hours of being home (which came after a difficult and incredibly long 28 hour journey home), I had rented  a car and driven to my heart's content, gone Christmas shopping and wrapped all gifts, put up the tree, and purchased ham and my favorite sparkling water at the supermarket.  Bliss.

Since then I've enjoyed fast internet, amazing home-cooked meals (including a full Thanksgiving dinner to make up for the one I missed last month!), and lots of time with family and friends.  My grandmother has been visiting, so we've all enjoyed catching up and introducing her to the wonders of ridiculous internet phenomenons.  We were all belly-laughing after a few minutes of and LOLcats.  My mother and I have continued the tradition of skyping each other from a few rooms (or feet) away, just because we can.  One of my best friends is also home for the holidays, so we've been catching up and having a great time.  More friend catch-ups to come!

Christmas was a great time with my two younger brothers and their assorted broods, human and canine alike.  My youngest nephew got a Nintendo DS for Christmas and barely registered anyone else's presence as he bravely battled the Koopas and Bowser.  I brought back shemaghs and aqals for my dad and brothers, who humored us all by garbing up for the rest of the day. 

Right now I'm in NJ visiting a dear family friend as Grandma and I make our way south to her home in WV.  From there I'll head to DC for a whirlwind few days of appointments, shopping, and friend catch-ups.  Should be glorious!  Then back to NH to play nurse for my mother when she has a total knee replacement.  With five knee surgeries under my belt, I'm a pro at this orthopaedic recovery stuff.  Though none of mine have been quite this extensive...

More stories and photos to come as I catch up on the last few months of traveling.  I am finally 90% caught up on reading other FS blogs, so I am feeling hooked back in to everyone's holiday seasons and goings-on. 

Hope all of you have had wonderful Christmases and Hanukkahs and Kwanzaas and are ready to embrace 2012!  Happy New Year to all!