Friday, May 25, 2012

Two Months

The countdown is well and truly on:  only two months till packout.  Which means that I am well and truly forced to start going through the boxes of things I shipped over here two years ago with the intent of going through them to sort and purge.  Better late than never?  I want to seriously reduce my HHE weight so I can have a manageable shipment for Kampala.

Today's box was a treasure trove of memories.  It was all my syllabi and papers and coursework from my senior year of college along with lots of memorabilia from throughout college.  Photos I hadn't seen in years, mementos from my various travels, cards and letters,  an odd collection of Halloween decorations, and a plethora of crayola products.  What a fun afternoon sorting through!  I did manage to throw away a whole big bag of junk, sort a large pile of articles I'll never read again for shredding, and frame a few awesome photos.  I found some notes from a few of my favorite professors, who were instrumental in making me seriously consider the FS (even though I'd been informally considering it for years by then anyway), which were nice to read.  I even found some DOS-style memos I'd written for one course - how funny!

I am starting to get nostalgic for things I'll miss about Jeddah and getting my butt in gear to check things off my to-do list.  I brought the first batch of clothes to the tailor for hemming and alterations last week; once I see how he did I'll decide whether to bring batches 2 and 3.  Tomorrow I'm taking advantage of the holiday and going shopping for wooden furniture.  My goal is to find a nice mashrabiya window.  I am piling things up to take to the framer.  I need to book a car to ride around some weekend morning when there's little traffic and photograph all the great public art installations this city has.

Short week this week, then a much-needed trip to Dubai - my first time ever!  So, so excited.  Any suggestions for things to see/do/eat?