Friday, November 7, 2014

Updates Coming Soon

I never meant to fall so far behind on blogging, but it has been a busy couple of months. I have so many stories to share, from East Africa safaris to PCS updates to DC exploring. Last night I met up with the lovely ladies of Tuk & Tam, SubjectVerbObject, and Novakistan, and that was the inspiration I needed to get even this short post up.

I'll write a detailed travel post soon, but - spoiler alert - the cats and I made it safely to DC with all our baggage. I took off for training in another state the very next day and then had an awesome visit with my father, so this is my first 'free' weekend since getting back to the United States. But I have plans to see friends each of the next several days and look forward to lots of catching up and lots more luxuriating in being in DC. I have ambitious plans to make it to Trader Joe's, a farmer's market, and the outlet mall in the next few days, but I may just do some get-over-jet-lag sleeping in too :-).

That's all to say that I hope to make use of the next few months and get caught up on the blog! For now, here's a couple gratuitous cat photos, taken by my awesome friend D who moved in to my apartment while I was away at training to ensure Callaghan and Griffin made a good transition.

He is actually a very happy and loving cat, but his facial expressions don't always match his personality.

Callaghan has adopted this scratcher as his new bed.

All is right with the world :-).