Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greetings from Beirut!

Three and a half weeks ago I landed in a new city in a new country to begin a new posting. This is my third FS assignment. It is also my third FS assignment in the same time zone. Fascinating, right?

Beirut, Lebanon is a unique FS posting in terms of security, restrictions, history, and numerous other facets. It's not a PSP post nor fully unaccompanied, yet it is in some ways more restricted than at least one PSP post. In addition to not talking about work I'm not going to talk much about conditions of life here in Lebanon for reasons of safety and security. But this will continue to be a travel blog, with lots of appearances from fluffy felines and photos when practicable.

Yes, the cats made the trip here and are settling in well. They miss their stuff (as do I) but were excited by the UAB shipment's arrival this week along with some of their beds and accoutrements. I'll write about the trip here in another post.

For now I just wanted to check in, remind you I'm still here, and get the ball rolling on blogging more regularly.

Since arriving I've been up to the mountains to see Roman ruins in the snow at Faqra, experienced fabulous French and Lebanese food at some superb restaurants, walked around the yachts on the waterfront, and sighed with contentment every time I glimpse the Mediterranean on my daily walks around. Weekend brunch buffets at a Lebanese restaurant and the Four Seasons were a treat, and I love being able to buy everything I need at one supermarket.

Add in amazing regional travel opportunities, a fantastic team and challenging but interesting portfolio at work, and a cozy and welcoming apartment, and I'm excited for the next two and a half years!

Faqra - Roman ruins in the snow!

The weekend after I arrived from NH - not a huge difference in weather!

If you squint you can see the Mediterranean in the far distance. I'll get closer for better photos soon, I promise.